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Gavin Batingan
January 27, 2021

Staff Spotlight: Gavin Batingan

This month's staff spotlight is on Gavin, Batingan, Administrative Assistant in the Division of Cardiology.
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There are many ways in which daily activities have changed in the response to COVID-19. The department has maintained it’s educational mission by transitioning trainee conferences and Grand Rounds to virtual platforms, an achievement led by administrators like Cardiology’s Gavin Batingan.

Gavin has been an Administrative Assistant in the Division of Cardiology since December of 2019. Not long after he came on board, he took on planning Grand Rounds and had to quickly adapt the popular lecture series to be hosted on Zoom. In addition to setting up and troubleshooting Zoom logistics, Gavin makes and maintains speaker schedules, handles disclosure forms and certifies CME credits.

While many members of the department have been working remotely these last several months, Gavin holds down business for the Cardiology division on-campus.

"I have been the main body on site for all admins for work that is needing to be done in person, examples are getting mail out and signature retrieval," says Gavin.

In addition to providing onsite support, Gavin assists the Cardiology academic human resources team, provides building access coordination, and manages the division mail.

“Our division is very fortunate to have Gavin”, says Kelly Waters, Division of Cardiology Administrative Specialist. “Gavin is very dedicated, motivated and reliable. We really appreciate Gavin as he has been the main contact person in-office while many of us are still remote.”

Gavin is a proud Washington native and has previously worked in retail and as a supervisor and certified food safety manager in a Downtown Seattle café. His mother is a fellow UW employee and inspired him to transition from the retail/food industry into academic medicine.

In his free time, Gavin enjoys going out and getting things done after work during the week so as to free up his weekends for some much deserved downtime.

"I love staying home on weekends. I have also been a night owl all of my life, same with most of my family," says Gavin, "so I much prefer the night time rather than day. I always find myself up past midnight every night."

Gavin’s hard work for the faculty and trainees of the Cardiology division does not go unnoticed.

“He has worked hard to take on and manage tasks that were handed over to him,” says Kelly, “and he is doing an excellent job! We are truly blessed to have Gavin on our team!”

For more information on the Cardiology Grand Rounds lecture series, please visit the Cardiology division website.