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Matt Rivara
Colin Raelson
February 16, 2023

Medicine runs in the Rivara family

Dr. Matthew Rivara, associate professor (Nephrology) and Dr. Colin Raelson, acting assistant professor (Cardiology) are two of 4 members of the Rivara family practicing at Harborview Medical Center.
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Clinical Faculty

Pediatrician Frederick Rivara, MD, MPH, started at Harborview 38 years ago. Today, his son Matthew Rivara, MD, associate professor (Nephrology), his daughter-in-law Amelia Dubovsky, MD, and son-in-law Colin Raelson, MD, MPH, acting assistant professor (Cardiology) all work at Harborview.

While practicing in different specialties, they may be too busy to catch up often, but they often find that they have opportunities to collaborate on research and patient care. 

“Nephrology and psychiatry often intersect in the clinical care of inpatients in the hospital,” says Matthew Rivara, noting the same is often true with cardiology.

In fact, Dubovsky is collaborating with Raj Mehrotra, MD, division head (Nephrology), on researching depression in patients with chronic kidney disease.