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July 10, 2024

Lunches with the chair

Lunches with the Chair are a casual opportunity to bridge connections and foster community throughout the department.
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Barbara JungIn an effort to foster deeper connections and a sense of community within the Department of Medicine, the chair’s office launched "Lunches with the Chair" earlier this year.

Spearheaded by Department Chair Dr. Barbara Jung, these lunches are an opportunity for staff, trainees, and faculty to engage in informal discussions outside their daily work environment.

To engage a diverse swath of the department, randomly selected members from various divisions and roles within the department are invited to join Dr. Jung for a casual lunch gathering. This initiative aims to break down barriers that often exist between different divisions and roles within the department, promoting cross-divisional and cross-functional dialogue.

Reviews for past lunches have been positive overall. Comments include:

“It was helpful to get out of my silo and hear about the myriad issues that the department is navigating. The mix of attendees was perfect for me—those with whom I regularly interact and those completely new to me."

“The lunch was a great way to meet others and provide input to the chair.”

“I think more people should attend these types of events. It's important for them to see people outside of their daily work lives and to hear from the chair.”

The Department of Medicine, based in various locations throughout Seattle and comprising over 3,500 individuals across central staff and 11 divisions, recognizes the challenge of creating opportunities for meaningful interaction outside of immediate work demands.

Lunches with the Chair addresses this need by providing a relaxed setting where participants can engage in conversation and get to know one another and Dr. Jung on a more personal level.

These lunches strengthen our sense of community and collaboration 

These gatherings not only facilitate networking but also contribute to a more inclusive and collegial environment within the department.

By fostering relationships among colleagues who may not typically interact, Lunches with the Chair strengthens the sense of community and collaboration that are vital to the department's mission.

Since its inception earlier this year, Lunches with the Chair have been well-received, with plans to continue and expand the initiative in the coming months. We hope to extend invitations to as many interested department members as we can and hope to continue improving this initiative over time.

As the department continues to evolve and face new challenges, initiatives like Lunches with the Chair play a crucial role in ensuring that every member feels valued and connected. By breaking down silos and encouraging open dialogue, we hope that these lunches enhance departmental cohesion and foster a supportive atmosphere for all members.