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Andrea Campbell
Gevelle Cullen
Whitney Harper
April 13, 2022

Cultivating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: A Newsletter

“EDItorial: A Monthly Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Newsletter” was founded with the goal of cultivating community and delivering awareness.
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After George Floyd’s murder in 2020, three program administrators in the Internal Medicine Residency Program at the University of Washington (Andréa Campbell, Gevelle Cullen, and Whitney Harper) identified the needs for additional curriculum directed at equity, diversity and inclusion. 

AAIM EDI poster
L-R: Cullen, Harper and Campbell showcasing the EDItorial Newsletter on a poster presented at the 2022 AAIM conference.

The intention of the EDItorial Newsletter is to focus on resources that fall outside the walls of the University of Washington that support our local communities.

Monthly themes

Each month they highlight different marginalized groups with opportunities to engage, support, and participate on international, national, and local levels.

  • September: LatinX Heritage
  • October: Employment Disability Awareness
  • November: American Indian Heritage
  • December: Holiday EDItion
  • January: Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness/Prevention
  • February: Black History
  • March: Women’s History
  • April: Arab American Heritage
  • May: Asian Pacific American Heritage
  • June: LGBTQIA+
  • July: Special EDItion: Seattle Summer Food Guide
  • August: Good News EDItion


They have received positive feedback since the launch of the newsletter. 

  • “It’s such a wonderful resource – it should have a wider distribution!”
  • “Its existence sends an important message about the IM program’s values.”
  • “I have learned so much and it challenges me to grow each edition.”

Reflections and lessons learned


  • Program administrators prioritized learning about cultures, history, impact, and their community
  • It was important to include a land acknowledgement directing readers to tribal websites for donations/“real rent” 
  • Conversations around EDI increased on a program level
  • Distribution of EDItorial increased beyond the program