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Omatola Gordon-Rose
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March 1, 2024

DEI Lecture Series - Unveiling the Political Determinants of Health: Impact, Challenges, and Solutions

Dr. Omatola Gordon-Rose will present our next DEI lecture on March 28, 2024, 3pm.
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DEI lecture series

Our quarterly DEI Lecture Series is held in partnership with the Institute of Common Power.

This lecture delves into the intricate relationship between politics and healthcare, uncovering the root causes of disparities in access and outcomes.

By exploring the impact of political determinants on health equity, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced in providing equitable healthcare.

Through a blend of theoretical analysis and real-world case studies, this lecture equips learners with actionable solutions to address these pressing issues. Join us on this transformative journey to advocate for inclusive healthcare policies and drive meaningful change in our communities.


Omatola Gordon-RoseDr. Omatola Gordon-Rose, DrPH, MPH, GCBM, CLC, stands as a towering figure in public health, dedicating over two decades to the noble cause of diminishing health disparities and fostering health equity.

Her illustrious career is a testament to her deep-seated commitment to tackling the root causes of health inequities through extensive public health programs, education, and advocacy.

Dr. Gordon-Rose’s profound understanding of the intricate challenges faced by marginalized communities in areas of chronic, infectious, maternal child health, and mental health has propelled her to lead numerous initiatives that have markedly enhanced access to care and health outcomes.

Her prowess in developing and managing impactful public health programs is matched by her skill in health education and health literacy, ensuring the accessibility and efficacy of her methods. Noteworthy among her achievements is her success in mobilizing millions in funding to combat health inequities and the establishment of pioneering services directly tackling chronic disease disparities among men.


March 28, 3-4pm, via zoom.