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Dr. Justin Bullock
AAP experience
November 22, 2022

Healing through humanity

Dr. Justin Bullock gave the 2022 AAP Plenary Session on dismantling barriers and healing through humanity.
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Education Faculty

Dr. Justin Bullock, fellow (Nephrology) gave the 2022 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Plenary Session, “I’m Just Trying to Survive: A Story of Healing Through Humanity.”

“Those same parts of ourselves that medical culture compels us to conceal are exactly those parts of ourselves that help us heal.”

Through the lens of his relationship with his therapist, he examines how health care providers can leverage humanity in clinical practice in ways that can be lifesaving; discusses his experiences as a bipolar patient and physician, including his psychiatric hospitalizations and suicide attempts during training; and describes his efforts to change the culture in medical education and training so they are more supportive and inclusive of those with mental illness.