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Dr. Gail Jarvik
All of Us
March 24, 2022

Gail Jarvik, All of Us research program, participate in Reddit “Ask Me Anything” forum

Dr. Jarvik is a lead of the Northwest Genome Center, a genome center for the NIH All of Us Research Program.
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Dr. Gail Jarvik, professor (Medical Genetics) will be participating in a moderated Reddit “Ask Me Anything” forum in the Reddit Science community hosted by the National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program on Monday March 28, to highlight the importance of diversity in genomics research.

This event will feature All of Us CEO Dr. Josh Denny, scientists from NIH, and other members of the researcher community. These experts will address questions from Reddit users about genomics, diversity in biomedical research, and the All of Us Research Program’s dataset. 



Jarvik is Head of the Division of Medical Genetics and a lead of the Northwest Genome Center for the All of US Research Program. 

The All of Us Research Program  is gathering data from participants from many backgrounds to create a national medical research resource for improving precision medicine. The data will take into account differences in lifestyle, environment and biology. The project aims to include 1 million or more people across the country.