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Dr. Anna Halpern
Dr. Nichole DeCuir Shoals
September 20, 2022

QI Scholars

Drs. Anna Halpern and Nicole DeCuir Shoals have been accepted into the QI scholars program.
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Congratulations to Dr. Anna Halpern, assistant professor (Hematology) and Dr. Nicole DeCuir Shoals, fellow (Gastroenterology) who have been accepted into the QI scholars program.

Dr. Halpern’s project is “Evaluation of an Oral-Skin Bundle to Reduce Readmissions in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Managed in the Outpatient Setting: A Pilot Study."

Dr. DeCuir Shoals project is “Quantifying Adenoma Detection Rates Among General Gastroenterologists at UW-Montlake.”

The QI Scholars Program supports junior and mid-level faculty pursuing QI as a scholarly focus. This competitive one-year program provides the skills and support needed to successfully complete and publish rigorous QI research projects.