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Lili Szabo
Monica Soni
Ayman Youssef
June 7, 2024

2024 Evans Awards

Congratulations to the 2024 Evans Award recipients: Student Lili Szabo and residents Monica Soni and Ayman Youssef.
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Congratulations to the 2024 Evans Award recipients: student Lili Szabo and residents Monica Soni and Ayman Youssef.

Some comments from their colleagues:

Lili Szabo

Lili Szabo"Above all else, she has an extraordinary commitment to community, this includes everything from our medical school community-at-large to individual, personal, and patient relationships. 

She is warm and welcoming to everyone she meets.

At her core, she has a genuine, caring nature that comes from a sincere desire to make other people's lives better."

Monica Soni

Monica Soni"Monica does an amazing job following up on her patients in between clinics, and advocating for them.

She always goes the extra mile for her patients, and provides them with outstanding and empathetic care. She's a gifted clinician. 

She consciously prioritizes and excels at making her patients feel heard and valued and medical students feel involved and valuable members of the healthcare team."

Ayman Youssef

Ayman Youssef"Ayman is a highly intelligent, efficient, and dedicated physician. He exemplifies the humanistic qualities essential to this profession.

He goes out of his way to connect with patients and their families during challenging moments and vulnerable experiences, understanding their lived context and the impact of illness on their lives.

He is an incredible role model for trainees."


The Robert S. Evans Awards are presented each year to the second-year medicine resident(s) and the graduating student(s) in medicine who most clearly reflect the qualities of warmth, understanding, and concern for the needs of others exemplified by and expressed through the life of Dr. Robert Evans, who was chief of medicine at Seattle VA Medical Center for many years.