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Dr. Tara Reid
Dr. Massiel Stolla
Dr. Ana Valencia
May 18, 2023

Diversity Academic Development Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to the 2023 recipients: Tara Reid, Massiel Stolla, and Ana Valencia.
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The Diversity Academic Development Scholar Award assists highly qualified and meritorious trainees in their transition to the roles of clinician-scholar, physician-scientist, research-scientist, and principal investigator as newly appointed assistant professors.

Congratulations to the 2023 recipients:

Dr. Tara Reid is an acting instructor in the Division of Allergy and IDr. Tara Reidnfectious Diseases. She has a PhD in syphilis pathogenesis and has become an STD expert during her clinical fellowship training while crafting a research career focused on syphilis immunity and vaccine development. Her current work is focused on human immune response to syphilis, work that employs novel tools and is instrumental in moving forward towards development of a syphilis vaccine.

Dr. Massiel StollaDr. Massiel Stolla is an acting instructor in the Division of Hematology. Her research focuses on understanding the role of autophagy in normal and aberrant red cell differentiation.

Her work asks timely physiological questions that also will provide insights into the role and regulation of cellular remodeling during differentiation.

Dr. Ana ValenciaDr. Ana Valencia is an acting instructor and research scientist working to understand the connection between nutrition and mitochondria in the context of aging and obesity.

Her goal is to develop more effective therapies/interventions to empower individuals struggling with weight management and physical function.