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Adrienne Shapiro
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March 4, 2024

The advanced HIV disease research landscape

Dr. Adrienne Shapiro was was part of the consultancy convened by the World Health Organization to outline the research landscape for advanced HIV diseases.
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Faculty Research

Advanced HIV disease (AHD) poses a challenge to many countries globally and is responsible for significant mortality and morbidity among people living with HIV.

In 2017, WHO recommended a package of care for the prevention and management of advanced HIV disease. The package was composed of screening tests, diagnostics, prophylaxis, rapid ART initiation and enhanced adherence counseling. Since the development of these recommendations, a number of important studies as well as interventions have emerged for potential use in advanced HIV disease.

In 2023, WHO commissioned the development of a landscaping exercise followed by an expert consultation on the AHD research landscape. The expert consultation brought together over 70 subject matter experts, representatives of civil society, ministries of health and implementation partners.

Dr. Adrienne Shapiro, assistant professor (Allergy and Infectious Diseases) was part of the consultancy to outline the research landscape for advanced HIV diseases.


About Adrienne Shapiro

Dr. Adrienne Shapiro's research focuses on the epidemiology, prevention, and treatment delivery for three of the leading causes of global infectious diseases mortality: tuberculosis (TB), HIV, and COVID-19.

She partners with collaborators in settings including South Africa, Cambodia, and the United States, and her work spans diverse approaches including clinical trials, implementation studies, and observational epidemiology. She prioritizes research questions and approaches that address the disparities in access to diagnosis, prevention and good clinical outcomes for TB, HIV, and COVID-19.